Monday, October 02, 2023

Papermaking Tools


Handmade paper is made by the tool which is called SUKETA. SUKETA is made from bamboo and consists of a frame and a screen. For the SU (screen), strong thread is used to knit evenly. Also, the thickness of the bamboo are changed depends on paper. In order to knit one screen, it takes approximately one week. Japanese cypress is used to make the frame, and it has gentle curve so that it can be straight when materials are scooped in papermaking process. The screen is hold between the upper frame and lower frame when it is used.





SUKIBUNE made by stainless steel

The papermaking tool is consisted of SUKIBUNE and SUKETA. SUKIBUNE is made from pine or cedar, but stainless steel board is nailed at the inside of SUKIBUNE for watertight purpose. UMAGUWA is also used to place SUKETA aside when stirring water, and place the UMAGUWA on TORII when agitating water with BAICHIKU by hand. OTTORI which is placed at the sides of SUKIBUNE is used to put SUKETA while putting paper on SHITOKO.


The wet paper which is just finished to make are hold between boards which is slightly bigger than the paper size, and it is pressed with this machine in order to drain moisture slowly. There is a type of compressor to press by a jack, but today, electronic motor and pressing censor are used.


Beater - Blades of Naginata Beater - Blades of Hollander Beater

It is possible to start making paper after beating is completed; however, in order to make evenly beaten material, mechanical beater is used in the next stage. For the materials of MITSUMATA and GAMPI, "Hollander Beater", the fibers circulate between blades, is used.For the materials which have longer fiber, such as KOZO, are beaten by "Naginata Beater". When these materials are added into the beater, the density of the liquid is approximately 1%-2%. (To process the materials with shorter fiber, such as materials from milk paper container, MITSUMATA and GAMPI, the mixer for cooking can be possible to use.)


UMABAKE & Triangle revolving steam dryer

It is made by steel, and it is heated by steam with high temperature. It rotates 380 degrees and is used by brushing paper onto the each surface. UMABAKE It is used to brush wet paper onto a dryer. It is carefully done by this brush to prevent any wrinkles on the surface of paper and trapping any air between the sheet and the dryer


Cooking boiler

It is a boiler to cook rinsed materials. Add water with alkaline chemical into the boiler, cook materials for approximately 2 hours.