Monday, October 02, 2023

William Turner Deckle Edge A2

A2 - 25 sheets
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Manufacturer: Hahnemuehle

Exclusive Fine Art Inkjet Papers with Deckle Edges matt fineart Specifications • Photo Rag® Deckle Edge, 308 gsmd i g i ta l f i n e a rt c o l l e c t i o n 100% Cotton, white, smooth surface, photographer’s most popular paper for fine art prints • William Turner Deckle Edge, 310 gsm 100% Cotton, white, textured surface, real mould made paper • Museum Etching Deckle Edge, 350 gsm 100% Cotton, natural white, texture of a traditional etching board Printer settings Visit us online at FineArt/ ICC-Profile for printer settings and profiles. For the deckle edged papers, please use the profiles and settings of the regular digital fine art papers Photo Rag®, William Turner and Museum Etching. Application • black & white and colour photography • art reproductions and digital art • dye & pigment ink compatible • prints with the look and feel of real deckle edges Digital FineArt Papers with Deckle Edges Hahnemühle FineArt now offers the classic fine art papers Photo Rag® ARTIcles 308 gsm, William Turner 310 gsm and Museum Etching 350 gsm as a version with deckle edges on all four sides. These hand crafted sheets • Photo Rag® Deckle Edge, 308 gsm, are available in DIN A3+ and DIN A2 sizes. torn deckle edges on 4 sides Now these papers for the professional digital fine art printing also 10 641 700 - 25 Sheets • DIN A2 have the look and feel of a traditional artist paper with original deckle 10 641 701-25 Sheets • DIN A3+ edges. • William Turner Deckle Edge, 310 gsm, torn deckle edges on 4 sides 10 641 710 - 25 Sheets • DIN A2 10 641 711 - 25 Sheets