Saturday, February 04, 2023

Baryta A3+ - 25 sheets

300 gsm, 100% a-Cellulose, bright white
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Tax amount: 11,04 €
Manufacturer: ASTRAL


Baryta is characterized by a fine texture and a unique high gloss coating. The white paper is made of 100% alpha cellulose and is free of woody fibers and optical brightening agents.
Astral White Baryta is an exclusive symbiosis of the virtues of a cotton FineArt paper and classic baryta board. The barium sulphate premium inkjet coating ensures the typical gloss that makes this paper a genuine replacement for traditional baryta papers from analog laboratories.
The very fine baryta gloss surface creates striking black and white images and color FineArt images, capturing expressive character and exceptional detail. A high color intensity and exact focus can be achieved with dye and pigment ink and on a wide variety of printing systems.
Astral Baryta is highly resistent to light and ageing.

Units in box: 25