Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Mounting Boards and Etching Boards

The Hahnemühle mounting board is used mainly for framing and displaying works of art. This high quality vat board is also the basis for the multi-layered, laminated museum board produced by Hahnemühle, The mounting boards are also widely used for printing and sketching techniques. The archival storage boards are used primarily for storage of valuable museum and archival items, as well as in photographic archives. In addition, this board offers a wide range of uses for book-binders, printers and artists. All mounting and archival boards produced by Hahnemühle are tested according to Standard-PAT and Color-PAT, and are perfectly suitable for the storage of black-and-white and color photographs, as well as documents. The real vat board produced by Hahnemühle for artistic printing can be used for various surface and relief printing techniques. They are characterized by their high paper volume and suppleness. The matte, silky surface that allows dynamic effects is suitable for particularly attractive and impressive printing.