Sunday, December 03, 2023

Dye-Sublimation Papers


TexPrintXP-HR® Large Format print paper is available in middle weight (105 gsm) and heavyweight (140 gsm), in roll widths from 61cm (24") to 3.2m (126").

Tested and proven with all major brands of digital sublimation inks, including Sawgrass IQ, SubliM, ArTainium, Manoukian, J-Teck, Sensient, Lyson, Marabu, INX Digital, Ink-Tec adn OEM brands. TexPintXP-HR® is fully compatible with piezo print head technology on all popular large format dye-sub printers, including Epson, Roland, Mimaki and Mutoh.

High Production 3000 ft jumbo rolls now available. Special sizes available upon request.


TexPrint GREEN® is a revolutionary new dye sublimation paper that not only delivers premium quality with exceptional value, but is also the industry's first ever 100% environmentally friendly digital dye sublimation paper.

TexPrint GREEN® digital dye sublimation paper is made with fiber from 100% sustainable, managed forestry reserves, contains NO bleaching agents, excellent dimensional stability at high speeds and heavy ink loads, NO back gassing, extremely ink efficient, 100% natural unbleached fiber, up to 1/2 the transportation costs/storage/disposal due the light weight sheet, contains NO Chlorine.

100% recyclable, less expensive than other dye sublimation papers, more square meters per roll than any other paper means less change over and more productivity.

This leading edge technology works well on all popular large format dye-sub printers, including Epson, Roland, Mimaki and Mutoh. Available in 55sgm and 72gsm basis weights. Currently available in widths of 24" up to 64".


TexPrint-ThermoTack® dye-sub print paper is a middle-weight thermo-adhesive treated dye-sub print paper, designed to adhere to most textiles during heat calendaring.

This feature eliminates ghosting and blurring issues during heat pressing. Recommended for use with all piezo-printers. ThermoTack is available in middle-weight (100 gsm) in a range of sizes from 91cm (36") to 1.82m (72").

Tackified Coating Chemistry provides a unique print medium engineered solely for apparel sublimation transfer applications, a tacky super-uniform coated print surface activates during the transfer process, high fluid capacity.

Thermo-Tack paper maintains sharp definition even at heaviest ink loads, absolute color consistency, 100gsm base sheet for ease of handling right though the calendar machine, special length rolls are available upon request with quick turn-around. Compatible with most brands of digital sublimation inks, Roland, Epson, Mutoh and Mimaki printers and most polyester fabrics.

Best output is attained with properly profiled integration. Assistance to achieve optimum output is available upon request! Available in sizes 24" (61cm), 36" (91cm), 44" (1.1m), 54" (1.3m), 64" (1.6m) and 72" (1.8m).


TexBak is a textile backing paper designed to adhere to most fabrics for digital textile printing.

TexBak has been used successfully in the textile industry for over 20 years by many major textile companies. Made with bleached white base paper and coated with a proprietary copolymer, this product is designed to release easily from the fabric after it has been digitally printed .

Laminate TexBak to your fabric by means of a rotary calendar heat press at low temperatures and high speeds. This leading edge technology facilitates printing on fine and difficult to run fabrics while working well on all popular large format direct to textile printers.



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