Sunday, December 03, 2023



Rising Museum Board


The breath of the line – in terms of both color (13 shades) and thickness (some of the shades goes up to 120pt) make it ideal for the creative designer. Its most popular use is for projects calling for a thicker paper. There's nothing else out there like it.
What you might know is that Rising Museum Board has been the first choice of framers, museums and conservators for the mounting, matting and preservation of fine prints for decades. Nearly every major museum uses it.
What you might not know is that many of the letterpress, invitation and announcement companies have been printing on this paper for years because of it’s luxurious and substantial feel as well as it’s ability to take most printing processes (including, of course, letterpress).
Made in the USA. 100% cotton. Vellum finish. Available in thirteen shades. Thickness: 15pt, 30pt, 60pt & 120pt. Matching envelopes available


Paper: Lettra Pearl White 300gsm

"The thick cotton stock is especially suited to a deep, crisp impression that you can only get with letterpress printing.

The invitation maintains the texture of the original crayon drawing with a whimsical elegance and the burnt orange and chocolate brown inks are a perfect combination for any couple's fall wedding."


Paper: Lettra Pearl White 300gsm



Paper: Lettra Pearl White 300gsm

Handmade invitations


Paper: Rising Museum Board 4-ply White



Paper: Rising Museum Board 4-ply White

For the stock I went with white Rising Museum Board. I wanted a really heavy stock and this ended up being perfect.

The board even has a nice texture to it."


Paper: Rising Conservation Board

Constellation & Co's client wanted a stock that could take some good impression and be thick enough for edge painting.

Rising 2-ply was the choice.